Madison Hall
PO Box 115
Morrisville, NY 13408

Don’t need a reception hall? You can still contribute to the ongoing maintenance and restoration of Madison Hall. Give the gift that means an automatic donation when you shop at any of over 1,700 participating online stores through 

A portion of each purchase comes back to Madison Hall in the form of a donation check. It’s free to you, free to us and you pay the same or less than you would by going directly to the store, Save money, save time and send gifts that give twice. What could be better than that?

The Madison Hall Association Inc. thanks the many folks who have supported the Hall, through rentals and donations over the past. Without this community spirit Madison Hall would not be here today.  With your support the MHA hopes to continue with the restoration  and maintenance of this beatiful building. 

This Landmark continues to thrive because it has a very broad range of friends..from college alums to current college professionals and students, from average citizens to corporate executives and from girl scouts to grandparents. 

Please consider Madison Hall when making your tax deductible charitable contributions. Our future is in your hands. Please send your check or money order to the address listed above.
Wildflowers & SilverSpoons" 
The cookbook is divided into eight categories and is loaded with 250 recipes of members and friends of Madison Hall.  It features some of the best cooks in Morrisville. The loose leaf binder allows you to add your own favorites.  Just $10. Always available at the Farmers Market or contact us for a copy. Proceeds benefit the ongoing restoration of Madison Hall.